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Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty drugs are an important part of the treatment for many chronic and complex health conditions. These high-cost medications require personalized coordination between the member, prescriber, and pharmacy. Quick Med Pharmacy is experienced in handling specialty drugs and coordinates personalized support for members impacted by chronic illnesses and complex diseases.

We have established a specific comprehensive management plans for each of the following: Organ Transplant, Pediatric Transplant, Oncology, HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis, and Fertility . We have expertise in compounding, injectable medications, and nutritionals.

To make sure your needs are met, here are some of the services and support you can expect:

  • 24/7 access to specially-trained pharmacists
  • Help verifying your insurance benefits
  • Help finding financial assistance
  • Prompt and secure delivery services
  • Refill reminder when you are running low on your medication

Our services are designed to help you better understand and manage your condition and medication therapy to enhance your quality of life. Patients receive extensive one - on - one counseling about their medications and administration and medicine is delivered as soon as possible with proper storage and handling.

How do I fill a prescription for a specialty medication for the first time?
In most cases, your doctor will contact us to request your new specialty pharmacy prescription. We will then contact you directly to gather any additional information needed, including scheduling delivery to the most convenient location for you, whether it is your home, doctor’s office or an alternate treatment site. You may also be able to pick up your medications at the pharmacy. If you would like us to contact your doctor, please call us at 732-897-1500.

My condition isn’t on the list of supported conditions and therapies. Where do I go now?
Quick Med Pharmacy may still offer support for your chronic condition. Contact us by phone to discuss your condition and the support we can provide.

Is information about my condition and medication confidential?
Absolutely. In accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), you can be assured that we will handle your medication information in a discreet manner with your privacy and confidentiality always in mind.

Do I need to inform Quick Med Pharmacy of any changes in my therapy?
We would appreciate hearing from you regarding any changes in your therapy to be sure we are providing the best support possible. Please also notify us with any changes to your name, home address, telephone number or insurance provider.

Do you have any educational materials in Spanish?
Yes, we offer educational materials in Spanish for all chronic conditions and medications. Our staff is also fluent in Spanish and ready to answer any questions you may have.

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